Monday, 19 March 2007

Jack Inspired Fe

After researching Jack Cunningham's own inspirations I was thus inspired to create a piece personal to me, but using the same creative stimulus. Cunningham's piece 'crossing' is based upon a loved one of his that has passed over, he uses jewellery as a means of expressing himself, not just as a simple momento.

The brooch I created is a tribute to my dad's father, and my mother's mother. I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece as often within design, I feel constricted by ergonomics and practicality. Expressing yourself via jewellery was not something I had thought to do previously.


Sandra Wilson said...

Hi Fe
Publishing your blog and producing work inspired by the maker you have researched is an exciting development in this project. Well done. Look forward to seeing how the blog develops.

Abigail said...

Love the floral component within this...very beautiful colouring and delicate shape.

well done - really lovely piece...:)