Friday, 23 March 2007

Jack Inspired Lindsay
After researching into Jacks inspirations I was motivated to create my own piece of work using the same ideas of memory, relationships and emotions.

I recently met a childhood friend that I have not seen for years and it sparked of memories of the long summer days when we used to play on the field beside my house and make daisy chains. This broach is dedicated to that friend and the long happy days of summer that felt like they went on forever.


Hollie said...

hello ladies :)

hows all?

I see you got Abigail to mention you in her blog, very well done. I'v just started one myself, Sandra has never lead us astray before has she, I'm going to add a link to you guys on it. Hope thats ok.

Have you heard about the competition to have a pendant published in a Lark book as part of the 500 series? There is a link in my blog if you havent. its at

See you all soon. x

Sandra Wilson said...

Hi Lindsay
Like the work and the way the flower moves around. Looking forward to future postings.